The Win-Win Amenity

The Win-Win Amenity

Name an amenity program that 95% of guests use and love, costs nothing, and provides a high, steady income stream…DVDNow.

In a tough economy and competitive market, win-win programs are hard to come by.  DVDNow is the perfect way to differentiate your property by providing better amenities for guests.


The Win-Win Partnership

There are two ways to create a win-win partnership with DVDNow. 

  1. Integrate a daily amenity fee into your current rate structure that is invisible to the guest and non-commissionable to the owners.
  2. Add a separate line item fee called “amenities” that is detailed out on the guests billing statement.

DVDNow splits this fee 50/50 with the property. 

Provide an amazing guest experience, earn high profits, and don’t spend any capital doing it…
only with DVDNow.

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DVDNow – The  Win-Win Entertainment Amenity